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Male Enhancement - Erectile dysfunction - Premature Ejaculation - Penis Enlargement - Erection Pills



Male Potency - Erectile Dysfunction - Penis Enlargement - Sexual Dysfunction - Premature Ejaculation

Do you suffer from Impotence, Erectile dysfunction, Low Sex drive, Low libido? Do you feel the need to super size your Penis Power during sex? Or are you looking for a product that will make you last longer during sex with a Stronger Harder Thicker Erection? If so you have found the best product in South-Africa. Male-Extra Erection Pills and Penis Enlargement South-Africa is the best natural way to add a bit of size to your penis, Boost your Sex drive and Super-Size your erection size to give you and your partner an unforgettable experience. Do you know the best part of Male-Extra? It’s safe to use for all ages from 18 and up, Safe to use with high blood pressure, diabetes with no known side effects whatsoever and its available in South-Africa. The focus with Male-Extra brand is to increase male sexual stamina, increase size and improve male sexuality. Male-Extra Penis product here in South-Africa will improve your sex life both physically and mentally with much greater sexual desire and confidence.
Our Erection Pills and Penis Enlargement kits is starting to take the South-Africa by storm with huge online sales Country wide and 100% customer satisfaction. The Secret behind our success is that we are the only brand that will refund you in full should you not be satisfied with our products. With the Formulas of Male-Extra Erection Pills and Penis Enlargement carefully designed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA we can guarantee our 100% safe product. Male-Extra is manufactured and carefully tested in South-Africa in World-class Laboratories under strict guidelines and legislation from the MCC, FDA and FTR and only the finest herbs are chosen to be used in our products.

Which product should i use?

Why Male-Exta?

Well it's easy! Male-Extra has the best Erection Pills, Penis enlargement and Male Enhancement in South-Africa. Our Products is always available and you have the guarantee of your money back if you are not satisfied! Your Purchase is Discrete and you pay wholesale prices when you order form us...WHY? Because we are the Factory! Male-Extra is suitable for all ages (above 18 off course) and can be used even if you suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes.

* Safest product in South-Africa
*Money Back if you are not satisfied
*Suitable for all ages


Male-Extra Erection products is a world Class enhancement product and is trusted by thousands of people all over the world. Most people know how expensive and time consuming it can be to find the right product that will work for you without breaking the bank. Male-Extra even has its own Penis Enlargement kit to help guys gain extra 28% to satisfy their partner even more. The most successful instant pill yet is Male-Extra Erection pill that will help you if you suffer from Low libido, low sexual stamina and impotence, premature ejaculation and low sex drive. Then there is the Male-Extra 1 per day which is designed for those naughty guys that like to have sex more than 3 times a week without planning to drink an instant pill. It works 100% the same as Male-Extra instant but because you are taking one every day you will be ready for anything with a bit of stimulation.
On our South-African website we only stock Male-Extra Erection Pills and Male-Extra Penis Enlargement because that is all you going to need to improve your sexual performance. Cheap on the pocket and excellent results. Male-Extra has been around for 8 years and we are now even exporting to Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. With Male-Extra you will save yourself a lot of money and you will say goodbye to all sexual erectile dysfunction problems. Bigger Harder Erections – double the stamina and much better performance, what else do you need? Try Male-Extra it will up your game
We all know life happens. Daily stress or unhealthy diets will increase Erectile Dysfunction and not only in older men but as soon as early 30's this is when you will be happy that you have found Male-Extra Erection Pills and Penis Enlargement South-Africa. If you are not 100% satisfied with Male-Extra we will refund you in full no questions asked!  



Works in 40 min and can last up to 2 days without any known side effects
Male-Extra Erection Pills works for the guy that can't get or maintain an ERECTION and is also suitable for the guy that can get an ERECTION but needs it HARDER STRONGER and LONGER LASTING 



Male Extra Male Enhancement is all you need once in your system you will always be ready for sex with a HARDER STRONGER LONGER ERECTION and loads more stamina
Designed for the guy that doesn't want to plan when to drink something instant and always wants to be ready for SEX

This product is recommended by Doctors all over



Gain up to 28% in Size (Length and Grid)
Stronger Harder Erections
Cure Premature Ejaculation
This product will make you feel 30 years younger or your money back

Because Male-Extra is a Natural product you can use it as much as you want without to worry that it may cause health issues. This product can change your life. Our main focus when we designed this product to help guys to get and maintain good erections or even add some size to their penis without changing their life style! Living a healthy life style will obviously be an advantage if you suffer from erectile dysfunction but let face it its NOT easy to change your life style overnight! Then you get the guy that has prostate problems even with living a healthy life style they still have erection problems due to their prostate....cancer / removal, older guys suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. Its not the sickness that influence your erection but rather the medicine you take for that illness. BUT GUESS WHAT! We've got you covered. Checkout our recommended page to see hat we recommend for every problem you should have.

Erection pills in South-Africa or even Penis Enlargement in South-Africa is not a new thing. South-Africa is the country with the most Penis Products in the world our markets is flooded with it 80% black market illegal pills imported from China or India and 99% of them doesn't contain the ingredients they claim to have in it, we know this because we tested several products over the years at the University of the FREE STATE. Be careful what product you use as it can harm your health.

The reason we claim Male-Extra to be the best Erection pill in South-Africa is because
1. We will refund you if you are not satisfied! which other product does this?
2. We only use certified ingredients! and we keep record of all Analysis reports
3. We constantly work on our products IMPROVEMENT IS KING
4. We listen to our customers


Customer Satisfaction

This data is based on our sales for the past 6 Months

Male-Extra Instant

Male-Extra Penis Enlargement

1 Per Day Enhancement



It is not a shame to struggle with your PENIS - Weak Erections, Penis Size or even stamina
LIFE HAPPENS - These days more and more men even from just as young as 25 suffers from ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Did you know 30% off all men around the world isn't happy with their Penis Sizes?

There is so many thing is life we do that is just not helping when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction! Junk food, Oily Food, Smoking, Drinking, Stress....and So can the list go on!

You don't have to struggle or change your life style because using Male-Extra will help you in all the ways possible - STRONG HARD ERECTIONS - BIGGER PENIS - LONGER LASTING SEX even more STAMINA

Remember HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE - Don't think it doesn't influence your partners life when you struggle to get or maintain a good erection...They also have needs. 

Male-Extra has the best Erection Pills in South-Africa, the best Penis Enlargement in South-Africa and the Best Male Enhancement 1 Per Day in South-Africa. Cheap on the pocket and happy in the bedroom


How do i order?

Order online and pay with your credit card

Our Credit Card Merchant is Payfast. South-African based 100% secure
You can Pay online with your Credit/Debit Card, Payfast Balance, Instant EFT and even Bitcoin - Check out the Video


Don't have a credit card?

Well, that is no problem you can Pay VIA  Cash deposit or EFT
(Payments from other banks take 24 hours to clear)

Don't let a Credit Card stand in your way of happiness and pleasure.  ATM Cash Deposit, EFT or cellphone banking..yeah we accept it all - remember you can do a EFT payment right here online. Just select instant EFT as payment option when doing the checkout....your choise!

Remember one thing not having a credit card is a smart move! Money and Debt....causes stress! Stress cause Erectile Dysfunction - ITS PROVEN

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